Hi, my name is Aaliyah.

My favorite things (or things to do) are:

  • Dogs

  • Drawing

  • Help Save the Planet

  • Reading

  • Soccer

My favorite book I've read is "Deep Dark and Dangerous" but I also enjoy reading the Twilight series too. I'm finally done reading "Twilight" and now I'm gonna moving on to "New Moon". At this moment in time I'm reading "How to Snoop in your Sister's Diary". Since I finally finished "Witch and Wizard".

I just graduated from the fifth grade and am now moving on to middle school. Earlier this year my friend and I did Jump Rope for Heart. It was a very fun experience since this was the first time I had done it. Jump Rope for Heart is a charity that donates money to the American Heart Association (A.H.A.) so it can help pay for medication to help peoples hearts stay healthy. I collected more than $150.00! It's very exciting to see how many people would like to donate money to help others hearts.

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(Click on the picture of the book for a review of the book.)

During the spring and the fall after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have soccer practice. I have two sisters and two brothers and my mom finally had my baby brother on February 24, 2010. I am eleven years old. On my wiki I like to write about Me, MATH, the things I like, the things that I like to do, or anything that comes to my mind.

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