14. What is your Favorite Sport? Soccer -Aaliyah Volleyball- Adriana, Horse Back Riding- Victoria, track and field Carter-500 thangs
15. Do you play a Sport? If so What Kind? Yes. Soccer-Aaliyah, Kinda. Volleyball- Adriana, Yes Horse Back riding- Victoria, no- Anna Carter - Volleyball,Softball,Basketball, Lacross and Yes
16. Who is your favorite Male Singer? Don't have one -Aaliyah, idk- Adriana, Dont have one- Victoria, IDK- Anna Carter-Justin Bieber
17. Who is your favorite Female Singer? Don't have one -Aaliyah, Taylor swift- Adriana, IDK- Victoria, IDK- Anna Carter-Taylor Swift
18. Who is your favorite Actress? Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez -Aaliyah, idk- Adriana, IDK- Victoria, selena gomez- Anna CARTER-dont have one
19. Who is your favorite Actor? Don't have one -Aaliyah, Samuel Jackson- Adriana, Dwane Johnson- Victoria, eddie murphey- AnnaCarter-Dont have one
20. What is your favorite Friut? Mango -Aaliyah, Pomagranite- Adriana, orange- Victoria, pomegranite- Anna Carter-Cocounut
21. What is your favorite Veggie? Carrots -Aaliyah, Corn- Adriana, Broccoli- Victoria, green beans- Anna Carter-greens
22. What is your favorite Candy? Peach Rings -Aaliyah, Gum- Adriana, Dont have one- Victoria, loli pops- Anna Carter-All kinds
23. what is your favorite Cereal? Fruity Pebbles -Aaliyah, Cinnamon toast crunch- Adriana, Dont have one- Victoria, froot loops- Anna Carter-Cinnomon crunch
24. Would you rather eat Pancakes or Waffles? Waffles -Aaliyah, Waffles- Adriana, Pancakes- Victoria, waffles- Anna Carter-Pankakes
25. Do you like Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate more? Milk Chocolate -Aaliyah, Milk chocolate- Adriana, Dark Chocolate- Victoria, milk- Anna Crater- Dark Chocolate
26. What are your top 3 Favorite Songs? Have to many -Aaliyah, So many....- Adriana, to many-Anna Carter- SO MANY