Please answer the following questions with your best answer do to your opinion.

(You can have more than one answer for the questions you are asked.)
1. Whats your favorite Wild Animal? Monkey and Elephant -Aaliyah, Monkey- Adriana, Horse- Victoria Duck-Hanna, Snake-wiley, Anna- elephant, horse-Celine Carter-Monkey
2. Whats your favorite Color? Black, Red, and Lime Green -Aaliyah, neon green- Adriana, White- Victoria Aqua blue-Hanna Black-wiley, Anna- blu, brown, white, blue, black, white, green-Celine Carter-Neon Green
3. Whats your favorite Tamed Animal? Dog -Aaliyah Dog- Adriana, Horse- Victoria Lion-wiley, Anna- dog Horse-Celine Carter-
4. What is your favorite Food? Tuna Cassarole -Aaliyah Crab legs- Adriana, Stuffed Shells- Victoria, pomegranite- Anna
5. What is your favorite Sea Food? Clams -Aaliyah Shrimp and Crab legs- Adriana, Tuna or Crab legs- Victoria, shrimp- Anna lobster-Celine
6. What is your favorite Chinese Food? Sesame Chicken -Aaliyah Beef and broccoli- Adriana, Beef and Broccoli- Victoria, beef and broccoli- Anna dumplings-Celine
7. What is your favorite Mexican Food? Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla -Aaliyah Mexican Pizza- Adriana, IDK- Victoria, tacos- Anna spanish frice-Celine
8. What is your favorite Caned Food? Mini Hot Dogs -Aaliyah Corn- Adriana, corn- Victoria, fruit- Anna same as anna-Celine
9. What is your favorite TV Show? George Lopez -Aaliyah everybody hates chris- Adriana, IDK- Victoria, everybody hates chris- Anna, got to many-Celine
10. What is your favorite Movie? Don't have one -Aaliyah idk- Adriana, Moondance Alexander- Victoria, IDK- Anna idk-Celine
11. What is your favorite Thing to do? Read or play with my dogs -Aaliyah Play with dogs and jump on trampoline- Adriana, Ride and Take Care of Horses, read-Anna be around horses-Celine
12. Where is your favorite Place to go? The Beach -Aaliyah Amusement park- Adriana, Barn- Victoria, myrtle beach- Anna barn-Celine
13. What is your favorite subject in School? Math and Reading -Aaliyah Math and science- Adriana, Math- Victoria, art and social studies- Anna Math-Celine